Engagement Portraits

Why is an engagement shoot important? Or the groom asks... do we really have to??       We have found that the engagement photo shoot is a great way to get to know each other before the wedding. It can be awkward for everybody if the photographer shows up to photograph your wedding and you really don't know each other yet.  

Barry Seaton covers nearly all the weddings for Seaton Shoots Photography.  He helps make the photos a fun part of your event instead of a drag to have to do.  In addition, we find that the engagement session images are about both of YOU and YOUR relationship.  It is a great opportunity to soak up each other without the distractions of the event and family. The wedding day images are more about the celebration of two families coming together.

Engagement portrait in living room 

What do we do with engagement photos? The most popular use for an engagement photo is a wall portrait and an album. You can also order prints from your engagement session which are great gifts for those involved in your wedding day.

When should we book the photo shoot? The engagement photo shoot should be done about two to three months before the wedding. Of course, we can always do it sooner or later if your schedule requires.

What should we wear? Clothing should be kept neutral. You should also wear colors similar to each other. The portraits should be focused on you, not your bright red blouse! No patterns, big logos, stripes or checks. Keep it simple.

How long does it take after the photo shoot for us to see our images? Debbie will set up a viewing and ordering appointment soon after your session. This will really depend on your schedule and whether you live in the Knoxville area. At that time, you will come into the studio to see and order your engagement portraits.

Engagement Portraits